The master cake makers

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Before you do, here's a little sneak preview of our team...


Chief Cake Creator

This whizz with the icing will make your cake creation something out of this world, blending the best of eastern and western designs with moulded characters to create a one of a kind masterpiece - you certainly won't feel like cutting it!

Deepa s...

Anything containing Oreos®


Head Baker Dude

This master with the mixer has a talent for taste and texture - he will make your cake taste great! Be it a light vanilla sponge, or a deliciously indulgent chocolate sensation, be sure your cake will taste as good as it looks!

Dharmesh s...

Double chocolate doughnuts


Pastry Princess

Bringing together the best recipes from Eastern Europe and whipping up a delight in the kitchen, this culinary artist will give your taste buds a treat from delicate profiteroles, to sumptuous savoury sensations! A true pastry master.

Odeta s...

Maple and pecan plaits